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Voluntary Services
Voluntary Service to the Lord of Seven hills
The richness of Hindu Sanatana Dharma is that it preaches “Manava Sevaye Madhava Seva” which means “Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity”. Illustrious acharyas like Tirumala Nambi, Ramanjuacharya, Ananthalvar and many others dedicated their lives in the service of people thereby possed the heavenly mukthi. The concept of Srivari Seva has been derived out of this noble thought by TTD and was introduced in the year 2000 with an aim to serve the pilgrims who throng Tirumala from far flung places to have darshan of Lord Venakteswara. Began with just 200 Srivari Sevakulu in the initial days, so far nearly five lakh Srivari Sevakulu have rendered impeccable services to the fellow pilgrims in their 14-long years of journey since its inception. Srivari Sevakulu hail from Telengana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, Maharastra, Orissa, New Delhi, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand states also apart from Andhra Pradesh. On any given day not less than 1000 Sevakulu will be on service while during festive and vacation seasons the figure triples. Srivari Seva will form as integral part of worship at Tirumala.

The opinion of the Sevakulu is that “It not only enlivens our spiritual life and also prepares our body and soul to act as per the will of supreme Lord which is nothing but serving the fellow pilgrims with love and affection”.

General Instructions for Srivari Seva
Srivari Seva is a voluntary service where pilgrims will render free services to fellow pilgrims who come for darshan of Lord Venakteswara every day. Interested pilgrims / devotees should register online for Srivari Seva, who will be here-by addressed as “Srivari Sevakulu”. Srivari Sevakulu should be from Hindu religion only. Srivari Sevakulu who are within the age limit of 18 years to 60 years alone will be permitted for Srivari Seva. The Srivari Sevakulu should not bring kids or aged people along with them for service. If so they will be rejected for service.

The Srivari Sevakulu (both men and women) who enroll for Srivari seva should be healthy i.e., physically strong, mentally fit as they have to perform the Seva for longer duration every day. Otherwise they will not be taken for service even if they fall within the specified age limit and the final discretion of selecting the Srivari Seva volunteer lies in the hands of APRO cum OSD or Superintendent of Srivari Seva Sadan. Srivari Seva is a voluntary Service. Hence, no payments will be made by TTD in any form. Srivari Sevakulu should not have been involved in any Criminal activities or cases. Srivari Sevakulu are requested not to carry / Consume prohibited articles under section 114 of AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions & Endowment act, 1987.