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Sri Venkateswara Heritage Preservation Trust

Our Temples symbolize India’s hallowed culture and Sanathana Dharma. Temples, which are the repositories of sculpture, paintings, music literature, dance and other art forms, are built for the prosperity and wellbeing of all people. According to Sastras, God manifests Himself in the images and fulfils the desires of the devotees on account of the spiritual penance of the great sages who consecrated the deities in the temples and the regular rituals performed there and due to the enchanting beauty of the idols, which conform to the Silpa Agamas. It is the bounden duty and responsibility of every Indian to preserve these temples, which are the centers of vedic culture, to renovate any dilapidated portion of the temples or rebuild them. It may be the Vimana or Prakara, Balipeetha or Dwajasthambha or it may be even the main idol. It is said natural disasters like flood and drought may occur not only in the villages where such ruined temples are located but also in the entire country.

Many acharyas have expressed their displeasure over raising new temples indiscriminately and stressed the need for preserving the ancient temples, consecrated by the great sages. There may be temple like edifices, which reflect the glory of vedic culture and religion or places of archeological interest.

It is an uphill task for individuals alone to undertake their preservation and renovation. With a view to accomplish this lofty aim, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has launched ‘Sri Venkateswara Heritage Preservation Trust’.

‘Karta Karayite chaiva prerakas syonu modaka’ which means one who organizes or executive a noble task, encourages, approves and derives pleasure from it, enjoys all fruits of such a meritorious act. We earnestly appeal to all philanthropists to contribute generously to ‘Sri Venkateswara Heritage Preservation Trust and participate in this sacred endeavor. There is need for renovating dilapidated temples in every village and in every town for universal welfare. The donors can contribute any amount towards this scheme.

Donation Amount

The minimum contribution for the scheme is Donation amount sent below Rs.1000/- will be credited to the account of Srivari Hundi without any intimation to the Donor.All donations are deposited in a Nationalised Bank, and the interest earned is utilized for the scheme.
Donations can be made by way of cheque / demand draft on any Scheduled Bank drawn in favour of drawn in favour of
“The Executive Officer,
Sri Venkateswara Heritage Preservation Trust,
Tirupati and can be sent to the
Additional Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer( Addl. FA & CAO),

For further information contact: 0877-2277777 or 2233333, 2264258  Individuals, firms, companies etc.
can make donations, and they are eligible for Income Tax Benefit under Section 80 (G) of the Indian Income Tax Act.

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