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Tarigonda Vengamamba Project
Sampangi Prakaram
As per orders of the Executive Officer, Tarigonda Vengamamba Project is under the control of Director, SVETA and Dr. K.J. Krishna Moorthy, Retired Professor, Oriental Research Institute, Tirupati was engaged on honorarium basis for a period of two years to solve the kruthis of Tarigonda Vengamamba.

Further, the TTD Board vide its Resolution No.96, dt.20.5.2007, has resolved to establish a permanent project as Mathrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Vangmaya Project

 > During the month of January, 2007 a two day Literary National Seminar on Tarigonda Vengamamba was conducted at SVETA to popularize the kruthis rendered by Mathrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba.

 > Orders were issued for printing of the books of Tarigonda Vengamamba which were solved by Prof. K.J. Krishnamoorthy and recording of Tarigonda Vengamamba kruthis on Lord Venkateswara. Accordingly, six books were released and 6 C.D.s, containing the songs written by Tarigoda Vengamamba were recorded and released.

 > The TTD Board resolved to conduct Mathrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Jayanti on Nrusimha Jayanti day and Vardanti on Sravana Sudda Navami day falling on the   particular year.

 >  A statue of Mathrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba was unveiled at M.R. Palle Circle during vardanti day last year (i.e., on 22 nd August, 2007).

 > Daily programmes on Music, Literature of Tarigonda Vengamamba were started at SVETA Building from February,2008 onwards.

Works To be Taken Up:
It is decided to release three more books during the Jayanti day, which falls on 19 th May 2008 and also to release three C.D.

To have a 3 feet Bronze statue of Tarigonda Vengamamba for taking procession during the Jayanti and Vardanti days.

The Executive Officer has accorded permission to take up the works of Sri Sarangapani – a great poet attached to Tarigonda Vengamamba Project.