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Ekantha Seva
Ekanta Seva is the last ritual among the daily sevas. Sarvadarsanam comes to a close with Ekanta Seva.

Sri Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi, the silver image of the main deity is seated in the Sayana Mantapam in a golden cot.

During Ekanta Seva, a descendant of Saint Poet Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya sings lullabiees to put the Lord tp celestial sleep. This seva is also known as Panupu Seva .

Tarigonda vengamamba's harati (in a plate inlaid with one of the dasavataras on each day with pearls) is offered to the Lord. Bhoga Srinivasa occupies the cot for eleven months in a year and in the twelfth month of Dhanurmasa (Margali) Sri Krishna is put to sleep.