Other Publications

Apart from publishing the Sapthagiri magazine and encouraging authors of spiritual and religious literature through the 'Aid to Authors Scheme', TTD is involved in several projects pertaining to the following subjects:

Rigveda: TTD has published the entire Rigveda in Telugu running to five volumes under the editorship of Dr. Vadlamudi Gopalakrishnaiah.

Yajurveda: The entire Krishna Yajurveda has been prepared by (Late) R Krishna Murthy Sastri. Of the twelve skandas, 6 have been published.

Atharvaveda: Five volumes have been published so far in Telugu under the editorship of (Late) Vidwan Viswam. The remaining volumes are being prepared under the editorship of Dr S B Raghunadhacharya.

Arsha Vignana Sarvasvamu: This is an encyclopaedia of ancient Hindu religious literature running into ten volumes. Three volumes (Veda Samhita, Brahmanas and Aranyakas) have been published so far.

Srimad Bhagavatham: This project involves bringing out a critique of the Bhagavatham in Sanskrit with Advaita, Dvaita and Visistadvaita commentaries under the editorship of Sri N C V Narasimhacharya. So far, the first skanda and two parts of the tenth skanda have been released.

Bhagavatha Sudhalahari: This project involves translating the Bhagavatham to Telugu. The first three kandas were prepared by Late Puttaparthy Narayanacharyulu and the remaining skandas were entrusted to Sri M Sarabheswara Sarma.

Pothana Bhagavatham: has been brought out with prose rendition  in Telugu under the editorship of (Late) Karunasri.

Srinivasa Bala Bharati: The books under this series are  exclusively meant for our young readers. Of the proposed 200 titles, 75 titles have been published so far.

Kavitraya Bharatham: TTD seeks to   publish the Kavitraya Bharatham in 15 volumes, with paraphrase, word-to-word meaning and special notes on the works of Nannayya, Tikkanna and Erranna  in Telugu, under the editorship of Sri GV Subramanyam.

Publication and Reprinting of Agama books: TTD is involved in publishing books on various systems of temple worship   like Vaikhanasa and Pancharatra Agamas.

In addition to these projects, TTD has published works like the Bharatha Kosa, Bhagavad Gita, Maharshula Charitralu, Sangeetha Sourabhamu and Bharatheeya Tatva Sastramu written by reputed scholars.

TTD publications in specific languages

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